Website Optimization

Pushing more traffic to a website that doesn't convert well is just wasting money
A site's design needs to be created with the visitor in mind. What do they want? Why did they come here and how can I help them achieve it?

Convert your visitors to buyers


What is Website Optimization?

Website optimization involves optimizing your website and landing pages so that it is optimized so that visitors to your website take the actions you desire. This might be to sign up for your remodeling company’s e-newsletter, request a white paper, or contact you about a project.


Why is Website Optimization important?

If you are getting the right type of traffic, but your website is not doing a good job of "converting" these visitors to leads, then your website probably needs to be optimized.


How does Website Optimization help my business?

The overlap between SEO and website optimization are the landing pages created for the purpose of SEO which must also move the visitor to take the next step towards the desired action.


Know your website visitors' intent

Knowing is half the battle. We can help you guide the visitors down the path to a sale.


Know what website visitors looking at

We can use heatmaps to reveal the clicking patterns of your users, expose the average visibility of your pages, show which parts of your site are most engaging to users, and track mouse movements.


Measure, measure, and more measure

The only way to know if an optimization strategy is working is to try it, test it, and then try to improve on it.


Better UX = increased loyalty

A good user experience (UX) will also increase customer loyalty: your users will be more likely to return and make other purchases. This is because they will feel like it is a brand that understands them.

Better user experience = increased conversion rate

If you improve the user experience, you will naturally also improve your site’s conversion rate: users are reassured more quickly and gain a better understanding of your added value. 
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